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Your Words.

February 2, 2014

In my last post I talked about the idea that at any moment in our lives one word can capture what we are most after, most seeking. I have gotten intriguing and meaningful responses and I wanted to share some of Your words.

From Stephani:  “Growth” would definitely be my one word. Life is constantly throwing me experiences to grow from, and luckily, I’ve found no shortage of fascinating, intelligent people to help me with advice along the way. On the flip side, I love to watch other people grow. I’ve found that there’s nothing more satisfying than to see someone overcome a challenge that was daunting at first.

From Ryan: Spent a lot of time thinking about your one-word concept – I like things that are both simple and powerful at the same time. I went through the exercise of identifying my word – pretty tough I must say. I’ve concluded my word is “ownership”: taking ownership of the things/goals/emotions/moods in my life. Part of this ownership (and I mean REAL ownership) is what I’m choosing NOT to own, therefore, not letting it bog down my mind, time, and even affect my mood or level of stress. I’ve found that allowing things to get me down or monopolize my time that I’m not choosing to own creates an exponential amount of stress and discomfort. This is primarily because I don’t make time to focus on those few things I deeply want to own – and thus accomplish and/or change.

From Randall: “Surprise” is my one word. I strive to surprise people with going the extra mile for them (unfortunately it seems this is becoming a lost art). I love to be surprised by how people interact with me (keeps me from creating generalizations about people and to recognize each individual’s uniqueness). And I love surprises in life (we only go around once, I don’t do it in a rut.)

From Ron: I decided I have two words for now…..”change” and “investigation”. I figure I could not affect change without investigation!

From Cameron: “Passion,” – an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. For life. For my wife. For my kiddos. For work. For running. For community. For Strong Start.

From Christa: Purpose. I am working each day to Prioritize with Purpose, which means reviewing actions, opportunities, and priorities and relating them back to my core values and personal brand as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and sales professional.

From Jevon: The word that immediately came to mind for me was “listen.”

I found Your words inspiring and intriguing. It reminds me how much we all have in common AND how unique we each are.

Great words, everyone!

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