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Spending the Time you Save

April 10, 2012

Wisegate members tell me that Wisegate saves them time. Given the incredibly long hours these people work, that is a good thing.

This weekend I got to thinking — how do we spend the time that we save?

So I want to send a challenge to my members.

The next time Wisegate saves you an hour or two, spend that hour on something that matters to you. Hang out with your family. Work for a cause of any kind as long as it matters to you. Simply sit on the grass and stare at the sky contemplating life. (Insert your own list here.)

Don’t spend it working. As I was thinking about this, the picture that came to mind is a person at the ocean’s edge, down on their hands and knees, digging a hole in the sand. You keep digging and no matter how fast or how much you dig, the hole immediately fills up with more water or more sand. Work is like that. There is always more work. It will fill up as much as we let it.

We bring our best to our work when we have full lives and when we take time to place ourselves elsewhere.

I’d like to hear from you about how you spend the time you save.

The best story (according to me) gets a free 1-year membership to Wisegate.

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