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Wisegate is Like a Search Engine of my Peers’ Brains

March 26, 2012

Recently, one of our members said to me, “Hey Sara, it has occurred to me that Wisegate is like a search engine of my peers’ brains.” I thought this was such a cool way to think about Wisegate.

Which got me to thinking…

Do you remember life before Google? Before we knew about Google and had used it, it was hard to imagine what it could do for us. It was hard to envision how habit-forming it would become; that we would be using it every day. Can you remember that point in time?

That point is where we are with Wisegate; building a service that can help, a service that can change the way we work, a service on which people will come to rely.  We are here to bring people together who have the same job in the same industry and who are struggling with the same challenges — the people you need to know whether you know them today or not, available to share expertise and solve problems.

And we are working to help our members understand how to get in the Wisegate habit.

Yesterday, an immigration attorney was telling me they need a Wisegate because so many in their profession are solo practitioners and if they could come together to share experiences, collaborate and solve problems, it would be of enormous value to the attorneys and their clients.  A few days ago, a venture capitalist was telling me he needs a Wisegate for his founders because great things happen when they get together, but that only occurs once a year. And a few weeks ago, two Wisegate members were telling a group of CISO peers at an annual dinner that the way to keep that meeting of the minds going (between now and next year’s dinner) is to bring them on Wisegate (and here they come!).

I believe in what we are building and that it will become a beneficial habit for our members. And I’d love to hear about how your Wisegate habit has helped you — and how it became something you rely on.



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