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Working at Wisegate (Part 2)

December 13, 2011

A while back, I talked about working at Wisegate and our  recharge breaks so we can see the bicycles.

Here is what I tell the team and here is how we operate:

  1. Assume the best. Assume the best and you will usually be right. If a colleague is late for a meeting, assume the best (e.g., they had a flat tire, forgot like we all do sometimes or Outlook misfired and put it in another slot on their calendar). When we do this we are usually right, it makes for a better environment AND frees up energy we would spend being pissed off for more creative purposes. Energy is a finite resource.
  2. The enemy is outside. The enemy is the status quo. The enemy is inferior ways of getting information (we’ll leave it at that). The enemy is not a colleague, not another team, not me. We are human, we work together 5 days a week (sometimes more) and so we will have friction. This is not a bad thing (see point #3), so let’s remember we are united against a common enemy and it isn’t us. Behave accordingly.
  3. Progress is made through conflict. What is so great about everything being friendly or smooth all the time? That worries me way more than friction. Friction means things are happening; things are getting kindled. As a leader, I need to embrace that if the strategies I outline make everyone happy, I’m not putting enough on the line — and the strategy or direction is suspect. For the team, expect conflict and realize it is a good sign that new things are being created, problems are being solved. The lack of conflict should make everyone way more nervous than actual conflict.
  4. Most important of all, Serve. If we focus on serving our members, we will always make the right decision. If we serve each other and serve our team, we will make the right decision. Serving can mean doing something extra for a member today (every today). Serving can mean going to bat with your team for something you believe should happen or change. Serving can mean – assume the best.

That’s how we operate. Plus three-day weekends to see the bicycles.


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  1. Seth permalink
    December 21, 2011 12:27 pm

    So true. The enemy is out there, and we can be better. If we learn how to listen to our client, organize around being an agent for our clients, and bring the best solutions to market we win. We have to be vigilant to never let the enemy come inside…that type of discipline will create unique differentiation.

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