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Light Bulb or Salad Spinner?

November 11, 2011

Which would you rather be — the light bulb or the salad spinner? Or, better asked, who would you rather be, the inventor of the light bulb or the inventor of the salad spinner?

Me? Light bulb.

That seems an obvious question, yet I have to argue there are an awful lot of salad spinner ideas out there.

Let’s take the light bulb for a minute. Now that changed lives. I’m sitting here, it’s 6 a.m. and dark. Light bulbs are helping me at this very minute. Light bulbs help me all the time. When they go out, I have a problem.

Now, let’s take the salad spinner. I will admit to having bought one. And, I used it a few times. And, once I washed the greens, put them in the device and did the spinning, there was less water on the leaves. But they were still wet. Really wet. It did not positively impact my life. Basically, it took up a bunch of cabinet space and didn’t help me.

With Wisegate, I am aiming to be a light bulb — to really help people in their jobs by giving them the collective wisdom of their peers. It’s a high aim. I would rather aim for light bulb any day than settle for salad spinner.

How about you?

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