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“Don’t I Know You From Wisegate?”

August 9, 2011

At a recent IT Security event, two of  Wisegate’s founding members, Todd Inskeep, most recently SVP from Bank of America, and Chauncey Holden, CISO at Fidelity, happened to run into each other. They had never met in person, but Todd read Chauncey’s nametag and recognized him. They had participated in a range of discussions on Wisegate.

Chauncey was talking to a handful of other CISOs. Todd walked up and asked, “Don’t I know you from Wisegate?” and Chauncey replied “I love Wisegate. It’s cheap and it’s easy to ask my peers questions.” He then turned to his CISO colleagues and told them that he was going to invite them to join as well.

We’re hearing these kinds of stories more and more. Senior IT pros are so happy to have a way to connect with each other in a safe and secure environment, to discuss their challenges and get or provide solid feedback. And the fact that you have to qualify to join helps – you have to be at a senior level, not work for a software or hardware vendor, and you have to be invited. This means that Wisegate is full of real-world suggestions and advice from peers.

Most of all, I’m glad to hear our members like it.

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